Sponsors: Shandong Chenghua Exhibition Co.Ltd

Shandong Chenghua Exhibition Co.Ltd is subordinate to Chenghua Group, which was the first conference and exhibition service company registered at Shandong Administration for Industry & Commerce in 1999,specializing in operation of large-scale exhibitions,high-end expositions,major political conferences,academic conferences,high-level forums and business meetings.

Chenghua Exhibition is the first modern exhibition enterprise to pass ISO9001 international quality system authentication in Shandong. The company has acquired affirmation and recognition by government at all levels due to its outstanding contribution to exhibition industry. It has been repeatedly rated Excellent Exhibition Enterprise in Jinan , Excellent Exhibition Organiser in Shandong and Advanced Private Enterprise in Jinan . In 2013,Chenghua Exhibition was officially awarded Shandong Service Brand by Shandong Bureau of Quality and Technical Supervision. In the same year, it was awarded High-integrity Enterprise Abide by Contracts by Jinan Administration for Industry & Commerce. Both great honor count as one and only among competitors of the same kind in Shandong and other provinces all across the country. So far it has been awarded approximately 30 honorary titles and laurels.

In the past decades, Chenghua Exhibition has always been adhering to the development direction featuring exhibition modernization, brand internationalization, service professionalization and diversified radiation. By 2013, the company has held 190 exhibitions and 1,000 meetings as well as forums involving a wide range of industries, with the total number of visitors exceeding 6,000,000. In the meanwhile, the company has cultivated and developed a series of state- and regional-level brand projects pertaining to multiple industries including medicine, science & technology,information construction, energy, education, equipment manufacturing, urban construction,tourism and so forth, which has been highly appraised by government and society, which has laid basic foundation for its dominant status in exhibition industry.

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Sponsors: Profile of Shandong Medical Association

Shandong Medical Association, founded in 1931, is a legitimate corporate body for academic exchange between medical science & technology workers and health care management workers for public welfare,which is also major social power for facilitating the development of medical technology in Shandong province.

With the solicitude and support of the Party, government at all levels, as well as society at large, Shandong Medical Association units and consolidates general medicine & health care scientific and technological workers in an effort to proactively provide consultative services including academic exchange in medical science,further education, scientific and technological examination and evaluation,editing and publishing, scientific and technological development,medical malpractice appraising as well as decision-making consultation service while fulfilling tasks assigned and commissioned by health administrative departments.Shandong Medical Association has made considerable contributions to the development of medicine & health care sci-tech, playing a key role of bridge and bond in terms of assisting communication between general medical sci-tech workers and the Party as well as its government.

Shandong Medical Association was rated 2002 Advanced Group to bring culture, sci-tech and hygiene to rural areas by CHC Shandong Provincial Party Committee Propaganda Department. In 2003, the same association was rated Provincial Advanced Group in prevention and control of SARS by Shandong Provincial Party Committee and People's Government of Shandong Province. In 2007, the association was rated among the Top 20 Provincial Society Stars and Top 50 Provincial Academy in terms of academic exchange on a national scale. The first Shandong- Taiwan orthopedics academic forum hosted by Shandong Medical Association was rated 2007 Shandong Excellent Taiwan-associated Exchange Program by CHC Shandong Provincial Party Committee Taiwan Office and Taiwan Affairs Office of People's Government of Shandong Province. From 2002 to 2008, Shandong Medical Association was rated Advanced Provincial Association by Shandong Association for Science & Technology in successive years, and was rated Excellent Social Organization by Department of Civil Affairs of Shandong Province.

Overall Planning

Five exhibition halls on the first floor of Shandong International Convention and Exhibition Center will be used. The exhibition area is expected to occupy 50,000 square meters with 1,500 participating enterprises.

Main Exbitors:

CMEE brings together world’s top 500 companies, such as GE, Philips, Siemens, Olympus, Samsung, Roche, Abbott, Stryker, BD, Illumina, Medtronic, and more than 150 listed companies, including Shinva, Wego, Mindray, Yuwell, Ningbo David, Edan, Dirui, Wondfo, Dian, Bluesail. Enterprises from 15 countries and regions, including China, Germany, Japan, the United States and South Korea, participate in the exhibition, with 600 enterprises in Shandong province, 800 enterprises from outside the province and about 100 international enterprises.